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SIT College Of Engineering

We at Sharad Institute of Technology College of Engineering are committed to provide best quality in planning, design and effective implementation of technical education by involving all stakeholders, upgrading facilities and faculty through continuous improvement.

What KRACKiN can do for you


Helps students improve their Industry-readiness, connect with companies, improve career prospects and offer better recruitment outcomes.


Helps companies create a job-ready talent pool, on-campus. Simplifies headhunting through unique Employability Score engine. Engage – Educate- Evangelize.


The KRACKiN initiative is a mobile-led Engagement platform which brings together the Industry and Academia into a single symbiotic ecosystem. Enables continuous & active engagement with student community.


conducts multiple assessments for students to help them identify their strengths and improvement areas and enhance their personality which makes them employable as per the corporate hiring standards.



help institutions discern the strengths and improvement areas of their students and design an academic program that eliminates the loop holes. It helps them create a job-ready community within their campus.



simplifies the headhunting process of the companies by giving them information about the availability of job-ready candidates. It also eases the training efforts by providing the most employable candidates.


Measure and improve your industry readiness.

Companies are looking for all-rounders. Are you doing the right things to get the employer's attention?
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